Press release - European arrest warrant issued by Spain

The procedure concerning the European arrest warrant against C. Puigdemont is ongoing. The required translations were provided earlier than expected by the Spanish autorithies.

On 17 october, in the morning, C. Puigdemont, presented himselve voluntarily before the federal police of Brussels. He has been arrested.

In the presence of his lawyers, he was officially notified of the European arrest warrant.

In compliance with the Belgian procedure, the Brussels Prosecutor’s office then asked an investigative judge in order to execute the European arrest warrant.

Yesterday afternoon, he was heard by the investigative judge of the Dutch Court in Brussels. The hearing of C. Puigdemont were interrupted in the end of the afternoon in order to proceed to some verifications.

C. Puigdemont has not agreed to his extradition to the Spanish authorities.

For information, the investigative judge can decide accordingly: refusal to execute the European arrest warrant, arresting the persons involved, releasing them under conditions or subject to bail.

The investigative judge decides to release him under conditions: C. Puigdemont cannot leave the country and must always stay reachable.

Before the Brussels Court, the hearing will take place on 29 october 2019. The Court will decide about the execution of the European arrest warrant.


Stéphanie LAGASSE